Bortom – Distances

2014 / 17 min / Short film / Sweden

Eva and David have a complicated mother-son relationship. They try to reach each other but don’t quite know how. One problem is the language barrier, as David is deaf and Eva is not very good at sign language. Eva has moved back to her country of birth and comes to Sweden on a short visit.

Cast & Crew
Written and directed by Valentina Chamorro Westergårdh

Production company: Tjockishjärta Film in collaboration with DFM

Associate producers: Maria Larsson Guerpillon and Julien Siri

Cast: Monica Albornoz, Gabriel Nal, Robert Ingvarsson, Gloria Tapia and Adel Ahmad

Cinematography: Alexander Westergårdh

Sound and music: Olle Sjöström Editing: Alexandra Litén