2015 / 29 min / Informative Fiction / Sweden

Claudia and Oliver are both longing to meet someone. Claudia has had sex before, but it hasn’t been so good. Oliver is inexperienced. One night they meet at a club, they exchange phone numbers and goes out on a date. They decide to get together but they are both nervous about the next date on which they might have sex. In the film you also meet Fatima and Tanja who have been in a relationship for years, and Gabi who knows a whole lot about sex.

”Om Sex” is a informative fiction short film about sex, love and relationships for people with intellectual function variations and/or cognitive difficulties. The film is produced by Tockishjärta Film for forum SKILL and their method material ”Så Funkar Sex”.

Cast & Crew
Written by: Johanna Paulsdotter

Directed and produced by: Valentina Chamorro Westergårdh and Jerry Carlsson

Production company: Tjockishjärta Film

Cast: Felicia Dart, Rasmus Ronström, Andreas Contreras, Anna Larsson, Ulrika Gustavsson, Francine Agbodjalou and Shamon Demirel.

Cinematography: Alexander Westergårdh

Editor: Alexandra Litén

Sound: Ljudbang AB