2011/15 Short films/Sweden

15 short films made for RFSL Stockholm and the project ”Kompassen”. We meet young LGB people in different situations with their family and friends. Kompassen is a group intervention for LGBT Youth. The short films are strengthening and works as a starting point for exercises and conversations. The participants get to analyze difficult situations and find ways to handle and practice these situations in a safe environment.

The short films: Beslutet (The Decision) , Framtid (Future), Sam and Ja! Ja! Ja! (Yes! Yes! Yes!) are written and directed by Valentina Chamorro Westergårdh

Cast & Crew
Production company: Tjockishjärta Film

Cast Beslutet: Elise Mattison, Julian Vogel, Ingemar Lathi, Åsa Älmeby Thorne

Cast Framtid: Julia Sporre and Caisa Ahlroth Cast Sam: Joakim Lang, Deirdre Ross, Edith Blåsjö and Sara Linderholm

Cast Yes! Yes! Yes!: Alexi Carpentieri, Andreas Samuelsson, Engla, Anna Glas, Eddie Mio Larson, Karl-Johan Karlson

Cast Testa sig: Tom Ljungman, Alexi Carpintieri and Gustaf Mardelius

Cinematography: Alexander Westergårdh

Sound and music: Olle Sjöström

Editing: Max Rangner and Valentina Chamorro